Experience the amazing views as we hike on the ridges all the way to the impressive vertical wall of Ice at the Russell Glacier which is a part of the giant Greenlandic Ice Cap.


5-7 hours




120 €


Experience the amazing variation in Arctic landscape on this hike towards the great Greenlandic Ice Cap. After a 10-15 minute’s drive we start our hike to the ridges between the melt water river from the Ice Cap and the big Lake Aajuitsup Tasia. On route we will have great views to the vast tundra North of us which in 2018 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the areas rich history of Arctic hunting cultures. To the West we have the 160 km long fjord of Kangerlussuaq, to the South the desert like areas along the melt water river coming from the Greenland Ice Cap East of us which is the goal of our hike.

On the way more and more of the immense Ice Cap will be visible until we reach the 50-60 meter high vertical wall of ice at the Russell Glacier, which is a part of the immense Greenlandic Ice Cap which covers more than 80% of the whole country.

Hiking distance; 15 km (10 miles)


Meeting place is boutique "By heart" which is situated 200 meters from the airport building, airport hotel and Polar Lodge. 

Meeting time is planned so arrival from Copenhagen on the same day is possible.

Meeting time is;

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays; 11.15.

Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays; 13.15.


120 €




For flights to Kangerlussuaq see Air Greenland website;


Your booking will not only support a 100% local Greenlandic company, but also the children of Greenland. The Greenlandic children's organisation MIO will receive 7 % of the revenue from our tours booked on this website, via or at "By heart" in Kangerlussuaq. See more about MIO´s great work for the children of Greenland on; 


One meal and transfer from and to "By heart" which is situated 200 meters from Kangerlussuaq Hotel and Polar Lodge are included.


Not included