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Experience a full immersion into the Arctic wilderness, through old Inuit hunting grounds to the isolated Ice Berg Lake Iluliartooq and the fantastic Greenlandic Ice Cap.

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9 days




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Deep in the Arctic wilderness lies the lake Iluliartooq. Far away from civilization this place has its own rhythm. It is not a place of total silence, as you might expect, it is a place of movement and life. The Ice Cap is ever so slowly moving and the enormous tensions in such a gigantic moving body is making loud, almost magical sounds that seems to come from another world. The raven and arctic fox call in the mountains and if you are really lucky you will see and hear the amazing show of two musk ox bulls banging their heads together at full speed, trying to determine who is the boss of the herd.

This trekking tour goes through Arctic landscapes of great variation and exciting wildlife including the largest population of musk oxen in the world. The area has a rich historical legacy and we pass graves and ruins from summer settlements with the untold story of nameless Inuit´s coming here to hunt for food, clothing and gather antlers for hunting tool material.

We always eat as much of the locally hunted meat as we can - so we usually have meat from musk ox, Reindeer and snow hare for the first dinners in the wilderness. Usually supply with whatever herbs or mushrooms we can harvest in nature.


Day 1: You are welcomed by your guide at Kangerlussuaq Airport. We get your luggage and together distribute our tents, gear and food between us. We pack and have lunch, before we drive to Lake Tasersuatsiaq where we will start our hike. We follow the lake shore to our camp site at the Eastern side of the lake. 5.5 km.

Day 2: After breakfast we walk up towards the lakes Southeast of Tasersuatsiaq. We are already on the first day going well into the wilderness with good populations of musk oxen. 11 km and 380 vertical meters

Day 3: We start in hilly terrain in the Ammalortup Nunaa highland and descent to Lake Ammalortoq. On route we will have great views to the Ice Cap. We pass three graves which, as tradition dictated, is placed with good view to the lake and surrounding landscape. We also pass a summer settlement, which was used up to the 1920´ies by a family from Kangaamiut who had their hunting grounds here, every year doing the long journey from the outer coast in kayaks and umiaqs. 14 km.

Day 4: We start by crossing a small river with slow running water roughly 1 meter deep. A small inflatable rubber dinghy is used to ferry backpacks and those who do not want to cross on foot to the other side. From the plains in the low land we hike up the valley to the ice berg lake Iluliartooq. On our hike we will see the great change in landscape and vegetation. We are rewarded with an amazing view over lake, glacier and Ice Cap. 15 km and 370 vertical meters.

Day 5: As we have two nights here we can leave the tents and do the hike to the Ice Cap with light bags. The route is hilly and there will be many breathtaking views on our way. If your guide finds it safe there might be a possibility of a short walk on the Ice Cap. 15 km.

Day 6: We hike down the valley between Kiinnarissut Avannarliit and Kiinnarissut Kujalliit (Northern and Southern Peregrine Falcons) and pass the most characteristic mountain in the area, which is easily recognizable for many miles. After crossing the river at Ammalortoq and find our idyllic camp by the water. 15 km.

Day 7: In the lowlands we follow the plains along the melt water river, before we go up the south facing slope to our camp with a great view to mountains, rivers, valleys and the Ica Cap. 12.5 km and 400 vertical meters.

Day 8: As we cross the barren plateau of Ammalortup Nunaa, we reach the highest point of the tour as we hike to the mountain top at 670 meters above sea level. From here there is an incredible view to the vast wilderness. Most days it is possible to see all the way to the high alpine mountains and local glacier 80-100 km West of us. Descent to the dirt road and transfer to Kangerlussuaq. 17 km and 200 meters ascent, 590 meters descent.

Day 9: Before checking in there will be some time to go sightseeing on your own in the unusual settlement of Kangerlussuaq. Then transport to the airport and check in of luggage and departure.

Total trekking distance: 105 km. (65 statute miles)

Longest distance one day: 17 km. (11 miles)


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All tours are sold through Much Better Adventures. Please visit their website for more information and booking;





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