An adventure in the Arctic tundra, exploring forgotten routes in the vast uninhabited wilderness of the inland South of Kangerlussuaq. A wild nature experience, where we hope to find undiscovered ruins, mainly from Inuit hunters.

Tour date July 11th to July 26th, 2022.


16 days




2250 €


Far away from the beaten track, this tour will take us deep into the wild Arctic tundra. It is exploration in pure form, even your guide have not been to the areas we enter. Any tour plan here is tentative and no day to day itinerary can be made for such tour. It is tour for the adventurous, who can take obstacles as they come and move around them one way or the other. For most of the route, the best map available is 1:250,000 and surprises are bound to be a part of the tour.

We are not seeking to break any records in terms of distance or weight carried. It is all about the adventure of exploring new places, having a complete nature experience and hopefully finding unknown ruins from the past.

Most days the planned hiking distance is 14-16 km, with a few 19-21 km days in order to get to places, where we expect to find fresh water near the planned camp site. We seek to follow the natural terrain, where the wildlife, caribou and musk oxen, often have made tracks, which makes hiking in the tundra so much easier, but hiking in mountainous terrain with no tracks at all will also be a part of this tour. 

Two days are planned for exploring the area around the campsite, which will give a good break from carrying the heavy backpack. There are no deposits, everything we need is carried with us.


Day 1: You are welcomed by your guide at Kangerlussuaq Airport. We get your luggage and check in at the nearby hostel for distributing gear and food.

Day 2: Drive to the harbor and boat transfer to our starting point. Hike into the wilderness begins.

Day 3-15: Exploring the vast interior wilderness. Planned hiking distance per day is 14-21 km, but may vary quite a bit. Total hiking distance planned is 190 km. Two days planned for hiking without heavy backpack for exploration near campsite. On day 15 we are picked up again by boat to sail to Kangerlussuaq and check in at hostel. 

Day 16: Departure from Kangerlussuaq.

Total planned hiking distance: 190 km. May be quite different in the end.

Longest planned distance one day: 21 km. May be altered on tour.


2250 €




For flights to Kangerlussuaq see Air Greenland website;

Your booking will support the children of Greenland. The Greenlandic children's organization "Foreningen Groenlandske Boern" ( will receive 7 % of the revenue from our tours booked on this website.

Your booking will also support the work of limiting the human caused climate change. A CO2 compensation for the flight Copenhagen-Kangerlussuaq-Copenhagen is included through

When booking your flight, please be aware that it is fine to arrive from Copenhagen, on the early flight that arrives at 9.40 or 11.40 in the forenoon, on July 7th. If arriving from another destination in Greenland please arrive one day ahead, as there are very often delays and cancellations from the other destinations in Greenland.

On tour you will sleep in 2-person tents. You will not share tent with any of another gender, unless you travel together as a couple. If there is an uneven number of female or men, then one will be given a 1-person tent for the tour. It is possible to order a single tent for the extra cost of EUR 95.

At the two night in the youth hostel you may have to share room with one of another gender. If you require a single room at the youth hostel it will be at the extra cost of EUR 160.

The meals will be;

Breakfast; muesli with milk from milk powder.

Lunch; bread with toppings for the first 4 days. Then special high calorie bread with or without toppings for the rest of the tour.

Dinner; local meat such as musk ox, caribou or snow hare with rice, pasta or polenta. We use local dried meat as well as dried vegetables most of the tour. 






  • Two nights in youth hostel.
  • Local transfer.
  • Boat transfer.
  • All meals from lunch day 2 to breakfast day 16.
  • English and Danish speaking tour guide.
  • Tent.
  • Cooking gear.
  • Plates and cutlery.
  • Satellite communication brought by tour guide.

Not included

  • Airplane tickets to or from Kangerlussuaq.
  • Personal clothing.
  • Trekking boots.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Sleeping pad.
  • Backpack.
  • Toiletries including tooth paste, soap, lotion, suntan lotion and towel.
  • Mosquito head net.
  • Water bottles for 2 liters total.
  • Filter for drinking water.