Enjoy the pure nature feeling with the relative comfort of having a tent camp not too far from the nearest dirt road. From the lovely plateau next to a running stream we have a great overview to the surrounding mountains and plains, which gives us good chances of seeing musk oxen from camp site.


3 days




365 €


Camp Tasersuatsiaq;

On a plateau next to a lovely stream we have our campsite with great view to the surrounding mountains. Wildlife such as musk oxen, caribou, arctic snow hare and arctic fox live in these mountains and especially the musk oxen are often seen directly from camp. In other words you can get the real nature and wilderness feeling in a tent camp not too far from the end of the dirt road.

Shorter hikes for musk ox sightseeing and the possibility of collecting arctic herbs, mushrooms and berries on the way. As we are in old Inuit hunting grounds we will pass Inuit ruins that tell the story about life here in the Greenlandic inland at the Arctic Circle.

In between the hikes and meals, you will have plenty of time to take in the moment and enjoy the surroundings, the silence and become one with the arctic nature. This is pure, arctic mindfulness!

We always eat the locally hunted meat from musk ox, reindeer and snow hare - usually we also supply with whatever herbs or mushrooms we can harvest in nature.

Maximum 8 participants.

Minimum age 12 years.



We meet 12.00 at Boutique ''By Heart'' 200 meters from the airport and drive to the end of the road at Lake Tasersuatsiaq (Lake Ferguson). After a short hike we have lunch by the lake. Then the rest of the 6 km along the lake to our camp site by the stream. We settle in camp, enjoy the view and go for a short hike to see musk oxen and to identificatiy herbs, mushrooms or berries to be collected. Back in camp we will have dinner by camp fire.


From early morning we can enjoy the great spot and the view. After breakfast we hike to musk oxen if possible and for collecting herbs mushrooms or berries for drying, depending on season. Our lunch is enjoyed in the mountains. As we have all day there is no rush, we have good time to explore the nature and our surroundings. Dinner with local meat such as caribou or musk ox by camp fire.


After a good nights sleep, we have breakfast before packing down the few personal belongings. We then hike by different route to road, passing Inuit ruins that gives us a glimpse of the live that was lived here in the mountains in former days. When reaching the dirt road we drive to Kangerlussuaq.




365 €




Local transfer.

All meals from lunch day 1 to breakfast day 3.

English and Danish speaking tour guide.


Cooking gear.

Plates and cutlery.

Sleeping bag.

Sleeping pad.

Satellite phone brought by tour guide.



Not included

Airplane tickets to and from Kangerlussuaq.

Personal clothing.

Hiking boots with ancle support.

Toiletries including tooth paste, soap, lotion, suntan lotion and towel.

Mosquito net.

Two ½ liter bottles.