Greenland Outdoors is founded on the love and admiration for our Greenlandic nature, history and wildlife. Our aim on all tours is to give the visitor a glimpse of the beauty of our land, the exciting wildlife and the amazing history of the cultures that with great effort stretched the boundaries of where mankind was able to survive. One of our main objectives is also to fuel the simple and logical idea, that tourism in Greenland should be run by Greenlandic companies. We believe that this not only ensures that our local community gets the most out of tourism but also gives greater value to anyone visiting our amazing country - to go on tours planned and explored by its own people. We hope that you will find Your Arctic Adventure with us and we look forward to welcoming you here in Greenland.


Jens-Pavia Brandt, born 1975.


Jens-Pavia is raised in Nuuk and has from childhood had a special interest in nature and the great experiences the Greenlandic nature offers. He is a navigational officer and have sailed for 7 years along the Greenlandic coasts and between Denmark and Greenland. He has also been an ice observator and head of the Ice Patrol in Narsarsuaq. Jens-Pavia started kayaking in 2000 with the objective to be able to get around the coasts without a boat that ruins a bit of the nature feeling with its smell and noise. He is also fascinated of the idea of getting around be ones own means, not being dependent on fuel or mechanics. Jens-Pavia loves the outdoor life in Greenland with sea kayaking, hiking, fishing and hunting. He is a BCU 4 Star Leader Sea Kayaker. He has lived in Kangerlussuaq for 10 years until he moved to Norway with his family in 2020 due to the severe political corruption in Greenland, which leads to many problems for the Greenlandic population. He speaks Danish and English. Jens-Pavia is the owner of Greenland Outdoors ApS and tour guide on hiking tours.


Nini Frydkjær Holstebro, born 1980.


Nini is raised in Denmark, but was deeply fascinated by Norway after have been living there for a year. When she came to Greenland the first time she was simply overwhelmed. Nini took part in the test trips in the Kangerlussuaq Fjord in 2010. She has in short time seen a lot of Greenland. She have been joining the Ice Patrol on ice reconnaissance from Cape Farewell to Kangilinnguit, been on a 3 month long boat trip between Nuuk and Kangerlussuaq and have paddled, hiked and been on hunting trips in the Kangerlussuaq area. Nini og Jens-Pavia has lived together in Kangerlussuaq for 10 years until they in 2020 moved to Norway due to the political corruption in Greenland. She makes her own jewelry from horn and antlers, hand spin musk ox wool and gives lectures about the process and is guide on hiking tours. She speaks Danish and English.