"I could not be more happy! The nature of Greenland and fauna is exceptional. It is very difficult to describe, you have to be there and see for yourself. SO big and unbelievable. And dead quite, almost. Be able to wake up in the morning and eat your breakfast looking at the ice cap. Amazing! "
Peter Mortensen, Denmark

"Jens-Pavia is very knowledgeable about Greenland, its nature and Inuit culture. It was always a pleasure to listen to his stories and explanations. Me and my girlfriend felt very safe travelling with him through the remote wilderness. However, I must confess that a good physical condition is by all means required. We really enjoyed the positive atmosphere and the team spirit with Jens-Pavia and the other participants."
Bergen Helms, Germany

"The motherland of the kayak was a spectacular experience for life and the highlights were for me the amazing nature, the silence, the purity of the air, the wonderful musk oxen, not seeing any other people for 11 days, the remains of the old Inuit, the clear streams, the hardship, the frugal life (lost 3 kg), the grandness of the Ice Cap..." (our translation from Danish).
Ingolf Petersen, Denmark

"Jens-Pavia is the best guide you could imagine. It was wonderful not being treated like a hopeless tourist, and to be able to make an adventurous trip with him, trekking and kayaking. I think that I was very very lucky that you booked me with him. He is passionate about doing as much as possible on and with the land - and we even ate caribou and musk ox that he had hunted himself."
Jillian Wilson, New Zealand

"When you are with a local guide knowing the hinterland like the back of his hand, everything becomes possible. It is like getting the keys to open a new bright world, getting the last piece of a puzzle and suddenly have the chance to see the whole scene for the first time. Clear and beautiful vision of a wild world.... We enter its secrets."
Emilie, France


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