Kangerlussuaq is a unique place, in Greenland as well as world-wide. Where else do you find an international airport at a settlement of 530 inhabitants with no roads to any city?

The matter of fact Kangerlussuaq is sorrounded by vast arctic wilderness in all directions to the nearest settlement Sarfannguit with 120 inhabitants, 100 km away on an island by the coast. In other words this place offers the perfect venue for great nature experiences for all ages.

Kangerlussuaq is the only place in the world with a road accesable for the traveler to the biggest ice sheet on the Northern Hemisphere; the Greenlandic Ice Cap. The coast with its changing and more humid weather is far west of here where high mountains draws most of the humidity out of the sea-air before it reaches Kangerlussuaq. These factors give Kangerlussuaq the stable weather that have been enjoyed by the first Saqqaq people comig here 4500 years ago and have been a major reason for the Kangerlussuaq Airport ever being build.

For millenia the Kangerlussuaq region have been the scene for arctic hunters, from the Saqqaq to the Dorset and the Inuit, the forfathers of todays Greenlanders. Small scattered summer settlements had for centuries been the only human apperance here, until second world war had its impact, even at this remote place. As Denmark, which Greenland was a colony of back then, couldn´t supply Greenland during the war, America was trusted with this task and was allowed to build a number of military bases in Greenland. Among these Bluie West 8, today known as Kangerlussuaq, which was one of the biggest an the most reliable with its stable climate. In 1992 the Greenlandic Home Rule, which was introduced in 1979, took over Kangerlussuaq, and military base Bluie West 8 became history.

Therefore we now have the biggest airport in all of Greenland in a small settlement of 530 inhabitants. While Kangerlussuaq to the traveller might seem less than charming with its military base style and the sandy river delta, you don´t have to go far to see the amazing potential for great nature experiences close by. Dirt roads go to the great Greenlandic Ice Cap and West to the harbour. One road go South with lovely landscape sceneries; lakes, mountains and valleys where wildlife roam. Eagles, ravens, great northern divers. Caribou, arctic snow hare, arctic fox and not least the highest density of musk oxen in the world.

Welcome to Kangerlussuaq.